Saturday, 28 January 2017

Happy 60th Birthday Monica

It is not everyday that you turn 60 and we would like to take the opportunity of wishing Monica a very happy birthday and wish her many many more!

She came on holiday with her husband, brothers and sisters and was surprised to find one of her daughters Jenny and her father had made a surprise trip to be with her too.

Nang Sabai (The German Bakery) made a beautiful chocolate cake and Time for Lime opened especially for her, so they could have a cookery class on her birthday. Our housekeeper and cleaners made the room look extra special for her.

And Jessica, her other daughter, was upset she could not make it, so she emailed me direct to ensure her mum had some lovely flowers from her and her family.

Congratulations Monica, hope you have a fabulous day,

The Mook Lanta Team

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