Thursday, 11 August 2016

The walk will do me good!

2 weeks ago, my favourite western restaurant on the island shut. No longer could I walk next door for a sumptuous steak or some delicious tapas.

We knew it was going to happen, but it was still sad, as the owners have been great neighbours.

Ed, one of the owners, has spent the last year building their new restaurant, now located in the heart of our village. Today they opened their brand new restaurant.

A much more modern restaurant,  with a wonderfully large long bar and a well equipped western kitchen.
The evening menu

But the best bit about the new restaurant.... is it is open from 10am. In the morning, serving delicious sandwiches,  salads and great coffee.

The new daytime menu

Looks like I an going to have to go twice a day!

Good luck Ed and Joyce in your new location,  think I might be in for a coffee very soon!

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