Sunday, 6 March 2016

Laanta Lanta Festival

7th to 9th March 2016

It is that time of year, when Old Town in Lanta, changes from a seaside village to a huge Thai Festival, complete with all beauty pageants, parades, music groups, food, drink and craft stalls and much much more.

The people of Old Town beautifully decorate the village so that is comes alive at night with colour.

Many of our friends are moving their venues to Old Town for the 3 days:

Gin (our Hotel Manager) and our friend Thara have a large restaurant in the park by the sea, next to the band stage where Job 2 Do and other bands will be playing. They will be serving traditional Thai food and Draft Singha.

Stuart and Dada from The One Place, are producing wonderful kebabs near Mango House.

Sandy, has a small restaurant with live acoustic music throughout the evening.

Patou, from Caoutchoc has a string of DJs working at his restaurant.

We strongly recommend getting a taxi (not driving there on a motorbike) there and enjoying the great vibe until late in the night.

See you there


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