Saturday, 12 December 2015

Gin's Kitchen

Gin, our hotel manager, has started a new restaurant on the island. Her restaurant does a fantastic Thai table BBQ. As you sit down they will bring you a small BBQ that sits on your table and some broth.

You and your family and friends need to then go to the limitless supply of vegetables, meats, fish and spices. add the broth, vegetables and spices to the bottom of the BBQ and cook the meat and fish on the top of the BBQ. Let the broth develop overtime with the fish and meat juices into a delicious dish to share with your friends.

An incredibly cheap way to dine (under 200 baht per person) and guaranteed to fill you up.

A really sociable way to eat with friends and family.

Good luck to Gin and her family on their new venture.

Mellisa & Nick

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